At Tiny's we make our own salamis. If you have some venison or pork you can bring them in and we make them for you. We can make salami to whatever taste preference you have.
Our range covers mild, garlic, pepperoni, spicy and extra spicy. It cost $8 per roll plus GST

We can also do beer sticks which are good in school lunches or with beers with the boys. 
The salamis are manuka smoked and then cooked so they are safe to eat. The process takes 2-3 days, although they get better with age. So hanging them in a cooler for 3-5 weeks is recommended for optimal taste.


  • 38 Union Street
  • Milton 9220
ph: 03 417 8223
  • 66 Union Street
  • Milton 9220
ph: 03 417 8213
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